It’s not what you know - it’s who you know

My brother is a classically trained singer. A good one, a very very good one. In-fact, probably one of the best vocalists I have ever heard in my life (and I’ve heard a lot). He has spent the best part of 60 years singing. Nothing else, no other career, no other job – he’s always been a singer. He’s shared stages with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business all of the world. But this isn’t a plug to go to his gigs or buy his albums (although you can find them all here at haha!

He recently tiled his bathroom floor. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the results.

If I was ever looking for someone to give me advice on tiling my bathroom floor, he probably isn’t the guy I would phone. If however, I wanted someone to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter in all 12 major and minor keys, he’d be the guy I would talk to.


My point is, we’re all good at different things, and for the things we’re not good at or we have little knowledge of, we turn to people who are better at those things or have more knowledge of those things or perhaps have done those things all of their lives.

We have devoted our lives to designing and selling bathrooms. Cumulatively, we have over 60 years experience in this building, designing and selling bathrooms every day of the week. That’s a lot of knowledge in there – but we didn’t get it for free. We’ve attended hundreds of training courses, walked around exhibitions for days upon days, visited countless manufacturers plants and warehouses, spent thousands of hours listening to peers and suppliers educate us on their products, their features and their benefits, studied more bathroom brochures and manuals than we know what to do with, and we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of hours answering pretty much every question about bathrooms you can think of from our customers.

Who wants to spend their weekends traipsing around dingy bathroom showrooms all over the West of Scotland? Showrooms that haven’t touched their displays for decades. Listening to SALESpeople trying to sell you the cheap copies they have brought in on container loads from distant far eastern lands.


Wouldn’t you much rather be in one of Scotland’s finest bathroom showrooms, sipping on your Nespresso and nibbling on your lotus biscuits whilst conversing with friendly, knowledgeable and approachable BathroomPeople who actually care about your project? Who work with you to help you get the most from your bathroom. Talking to experts who can answer all of your questions and give you the best advice.

Would it be right to call ourselves experts? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, if you need some advice on singing, it’s probably best you don’t phone us.