As a retailer, we source our products from multiple reputable manufacturers and distributors based in the UK. Each of these suppliers will have their own guarantees and warranties within each product category. For details of the guarantees and warranties on the specific products you purchase, please ask a member of our team. The products we source are made using the highest quality materials and are produced to meet or exceed European and U.K. Standards. With correct installation and use the products will give many years of trouble-free service.

Your guarantee covers all products provided they are used as intended and installed in line with our fixing instructions and local Water and Electrical Bylaws and legislation. The guarantee covers manufacturing or materials defects and in the event of a failure within the guarantee period, a free replacement or replacement part (or nearest current equivalent) will be supplied. Liability is limited to the products and does not cover damage during installation or consequential loss.

Normal wear and tear, lime scale, and chemicals used during cleaning can cause damage and deterioration and this is not covered by the guarantee. Products should always be used in the way they are intended and not misused or abused.

We will not accept any claims for replacement if the products have been modified in any way other than provided for in the installation instructions.

Conditions Of All Guarantees

1. The guarantee applies to products purchased and installed Worldwide.

2. All products must be installed by qualified professionals and evidence of this will need to be provided to support any claim.

3. Proof of purchase is required to support a claim.

4. The product must be available for our inspection and should not be removed or destroyed without our consent, we may also request photographic evidence.

5. The product must have been installed, cleaned and used in accordance with the supplied instructions and installed in line with good plumbing and electrical fitting practice e.g. flushing out pipework before installation.

6. All un-lacquered brass finishes will change colour overtime due to oxidisation. This is an inherent part of the product and is not considered a fault and as such no claims will be accepted.

7. Furniture finishes (solid wood veneers) can change colour overtime due to either natural ageing or the impact of direct sunlight. This is not considered a product fault and as such no associated claims for damage will not be accepted.

8. Claims for damage caused by water ingress will not be accepted if a watertight (silicone) seal has not been used between the basin and furniture, as detailed in installation documents.

9. Claims for products not performing due to insufficient water pressure will not be accepted. Details of minimum pressure requirements must be checked prior to installation.

10. If the product is faulty due to a manufacturing or materials failure we will at our discretion, repair or supply a replacement product or suitable part thereof free of charge. We will not be liable for the replacing of other products within the room as a result of any such replacement which is not an exact match to that originally supplied.

11. If the product is faulty due to a manufacturing or materials failure we will at our discretion, repair or supply a replacement product or suitable part thereof free of charge.

12. If the product is no longer in manufacture and we cannot supply the identical product or suitable component part we will offer to replace with the nearest product from our current range.

13. We will make site visits if deemed necessary, however a deposit will be taken in advance in case the on-site visit reveals that the product was not faulty.

14. Guarantees are transferable when the property changes ownership, but not transferable where the product is re-installed in a different location. Original invoices will be required.

15. These guarantees do not extend to ex-display products. This does not affect your statutory rights.

16. Exclusions a. Damage caused by lime-scale, mildew, chemicals or inappropriate cleaning. b. Consequential damage. c. Glass breakage. All our shower doors and bath screens conform to EN12151 & EN14428:2004 & A12008. Shower doors and bath screens, excluding display installations. Glass breaks within 6 months of installation product replaced and costs for refitting are reimbursed. Glass breaks within 6-24 months of installation product is replaced but no fitting costs reimbursed. Glass breaks 24+ months of installation a 10% discount against a replacement product. General wear and tear to any of the above items would be considered a specific exclusion. d. Radiators containing electric elements that have been in use without water covering all of the elements. e. Product modification. f. Foxing of mirrors.

17. Replaceable parts are available from our showroom. These parts include O rings, seals, cistern flush components, toilet seats and hinges, cartridges, diverters and heating elements.