Appointment Information

As with any home improvement project, an in-depth bathroom consultation is an important first step. Below, we outline the benefits of an appointment with suggestions that will help us ensure your consultation and showroom visit are both useful and productive.

Why Book An Appointment?

Pre-Appointment Communication

Your designer will personally contact you prior to your appointment to gain an understanding of your project and answer any queries you may have. Here, we invite you to share photos, drawings, and inspirational images for your consultant to prepare samples, consider product ideas, and review project plans ahead of your visit.

An Enhanced Showroom Experience

Following a warm welcome from your designer, you can expect an insightful discussion about your bathroom goals and requirements, as well as a walk-through of relevant products and hand-selected samples to meet your specification.

Appointment Information

In preparation for your appointment, may we please ask you to take the measurements of the space(s) you intend to transform? These measurements will help your designer to understand the scope of your project(s). Ideally, we require the following information:

• Dimensions of the room – floor and walls
• Location of door and windows with dimensions
• Location of the WC waste pipe
• Photos of the existing bathroom
• Your home water system type (e.g. Combination Boiler, Gravity Feed System or Megaflow/High Pressure Cylinder)

To assist, we have a Dimensions Form that you can use as a guide and bring to your appointment, or, if you have them, please bring relevant architect drawings. To assist you click here to see completed examples of the form. Please don’t stress over this if it doesn’t make any sense because even if you only have the length, width and height of the room that will be enough for the initial consultation.

For us to help you create your dream bathroom, we will want to understand as much as possible about your project. One of the main benefits of visiting our showroom is to see our room set displays featuring our latest product collections; often that’s where the discussion about preferences is narrowed down. It would also be of great value if you have any images that have inspired you.

We recommend exploring Our Work, where you will find some great examples of projects we’ve completed.

Are you looking for us to assist you in designing and supplying goods only or do you need a reliable installer to help with your bathroom project? Our award-winning Design Service will assist you in creating your space with certified peace of mind. At your appointment, your designer will discuss our services in more detail.