10 Top Bathroom Trends to look out for in 2024

When it comes to bathroom design, function is no longer the sole focus. Designers view the bathroom as an opportunity to infuse modern design elements and showcase a homeowner’s personality. There are plenty of ways to incorporate these designer-approved bathroom trends for 2024 whether you’re upgrading a small bathroom or luxury retreat. 

Here we share the top 10 predictions for 2024. As usual, a number of these trends carry over from our 2023 trend predictions, like wetrooms and coloured brassware, but we’re seeing a ton of fresh ideas for this new year. No matter your design style, or how much space you’re working with, you’re sure to find a trend that’ll inspire your bathroom makeover. 

Speaking to our top suppliers and industry experts on their views on the future of the bathroom industry reflect some surprising emerging trends, alongside the expected continued popularity of colours and textures.


Coloured Brassware

Say goodbye to standard chrome finishes! In 2024, we’re embracing bronze, brushed brass, white, nickel, stainless stell, matt black and gun metal brassware. These finishes offer a premium look and elevate your bathroom aesthetics.   

Coordinating your taps with other hardware elements—such as showerheads, towel bars, and robe hooks—creates a cohesive look. Opt for matching finishes or mix and match for an eclectic vibe.  

Coloured taps and showers are stealing the spotlight and inject personality into your bathroom. So, whether you’re drawn to sleek blacks or playful colours, 2024 offers exciting tap trends to really show your individual personality.


Fluted Textures

Fluted and ribbed finishes first began attracting attention in interiors last year and this is a trend that is set to flourish in 2024. Swapping flush finishes for those featuring shallow grooves adds personality and texture, without the look being overwhelmingly fussy. These vertical grooves add sophistication to any space. Elevate your bathroom with fluted fixtures, from shower panels to baths.

Fluted designs are seen across various materials, including wood, glass, and ceramic. Whether it’s a fluted vanity unit or a textured glass shower screen, these finishes add depth and dimension to your bathroom. They also introduce texture to potentially plain spaces, transforming them into visually interesting areas. 

So, if you’re looking to stay ahead in bathroom design, consider incorporating fluted elements for a touch of timeless elegance and modern flair! We’ll see curves and fluted textures being designed into the bathroom which offers a sense of fluidity and movement and blends well with the on-trend pinks, greyish blues and greens. 



Wet rooms and walk-in showers were popular throughout 2023, and this demand is expected to carry through into 2024. The focus on space-saving products continues to drive the wet room trend.  A wet room typically features an open shower area without traditional shower doors. This design creates a spacious and modern feel, perfect for contemporary bathrooms.  

As our population ages, homeowners are increasingly opting for barrier-free showers. These showers are not only beautiful but also serve an essential role in allowing people to age in place and live independently. We are seeing more homeowners request barrier-free showers. 

Create a Relaxing Spathroom: You don’t need to splurge on a spa day to achieve that pampered feeling. Transform your bathroom into a modern oasis with spa-inspired elements. 

Consider adding a walk-in shower or installing a Wetroom to mimic the serene surroundings of a spa. Every year sees a fresh approach to Wetroom renovations, and this year will see a growing demand for quality and affordable features. Installing a Wetroom or Wetzone will not only turn your functional space into a luxurious sanctuary, but it can also increase the value of a property by around 5%.  

In summary, wet rooms are here to stay, offering both style and practicality for modern bathrooms. Whether you’re renovating or building new, consider incorporating wet room elements for a chic and functional bathing experience.


Coloured Furniture

Colourful bathroom furniture is a big trend in 2024, bringing vibrancy and personality to bathroom spaces. Here are some exciting shades and ideas to consider: Soft pinks and blush shades continue to be popular. A hint of dusky pink can add warmth and a touch of colour to more neutral bathroom schemes.  

Cashmere (Colourful Grey): Cashmere, with its warm reddish undertones, creates a cozy ambiance. It’s an excellent choice for neutral colour schemes, paying homage to the earthy trend. Greens, like pistachio green, are making their way into bathrooms. Synonymous with nature, green brings freshness and uplifts the space.  

Rusts and Terracotta extends the earthy tones trend. Use mineral tones to create a rich and dramatic bathroom. Blues remain a classic choice. Whether it’s a serene sky blue or a deeper ocean blue, this colour evokes calmness.  

We can expect to see more matt finishes and warmer colours like creams and browns, especially as we’re very slowly moving away from the grey shades that we’ve seen a lot of over the last few of years although greys still remain popular.


Designer Radiators

When it comes to designing a bathroom, radiators are often overlooked. However, they play a crucial role in both the functionality and aesthetic of the space. Radiators are no longer just functional items they are a bold statement piece in any room. With new materials, shapes, and colours, designer radiators are becoming more stylish than ever before.  Some of the popular colours for 2024 include black, white, and metallic shades such as gun metal, copper and brass.  

Brass radiators are still a big trend in the designer radiator market in 2024, they add a touch of sophistication and glamour to any space and are perfect for those who want to make a statement. Warm tones are set to be a big trend this year with shades such as terracotta, rust, and ochre taking centre stage. In contrast, deep, moody blues are also set to be popular – think navy, indigo, and midnight blue for a look that is both timeless and on-trend. 

One of the easiest ways to incorporate radiators into your interior design is by pairing them with wallpaper. Radiators can be used to create a striking contrast against bold, patterned wallpaper, or they can be blended seamlessly into a more subtle design. 

2024 is set to be an exciting year for radiators with plenty of new trends to watch out for. 


Playful Wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper has been making waves in interior design, and it’s a trend that’s solidifying its place in 2024. Here are some exciting wallpaper trends specifically for bathrooms. Bathrooms are the perfect place to go a bit over the top and showcase your personality by using wallpaper as your hero piece. There is so much fabulous paper in the marketplace that there’s truly something for everyone — from small, classic prints to exotic toiles and florals to mural-like papers similar to what we used here in our showroom. 

Checks are officially back in 2024, expect to see plenty of heritage-inspired patterns in bathrooms. These can range from tartan to small-scale traditional patterns that add a cosy feel to any room. The trend embraces a nostalgic feeling, characterized by floral wallcoverings, fabrics, and furniture. 

We’re moving away from cool greys and sleek whites in bathroom decor. Instead, warmer, more vibrant tones are taking centre stage. These hues add personality and depth to your bathroom walls. Consider bold wallpapers that infuse energy and warmth into the space. It’s all about creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.



Rounded edges and curved profiles are taking centre stage in bathroom design in 2024. From basins and baths to shower screens and accessories, these organic shapes soften the overall look. Consider taps with gentle curves and freestanding baths with elegant contours.  

Curvaceous freestanding baths are a luxurious addition. Their sculptural forms become the focal point of the bathroom. Whether it’s an oval, egg-shaped, or slipper-style, curves enhance relaxation and visual appeal. 

Bathroom furniture is also embracing curves. Look for vanities, cabinets, and shelving units with rounded edges. These pieces create flow and harmony in the space. Picture a curved vanity unit with an integrated basin or a circular mirror above. 

Remember, incorporating curves doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality. These trends seamlessly blend aesthetics with practicality, creating bathrooms that feel inviting and timeless.


Dramatic Wetwall and panelling

Interior design is taking a bold turn with creative wall treatments, and wetwalls are no exception. These trends add drama and personality to any space. Spa-like bathrooms will continue to dominate in 2024, but we’ll see drama added in the form of wetwalls. Not only do they instantly elevate a bathroom design, they’re also functional and very practical.  

Some of our panels are 100% waterproof meaning they are perfect for all areas of the home and can even be used within the shower area of a bathroom. With innovative Hydrolock systems, panels can be simply joined together to create an almost seamless effect without the need for mid-joints. 

Our clients want surfaces that have minimal joints for a solid and complete look. For this reason, we’re going to see a lot of products that prioritise pattern-matching and book-matching in their aesthetic design. 

Natural wood panelling is back in vogue, but with a modern twist. Instead of covering entire walls, 2024’s trend involves creating stylish wood panelling in geometric patterns or asymmetrical designs. Imagine the warmth and texture of wood enhancing your space. 

So, whether you’re drawn to the timeless appeal of wood or the functionality and practicality of wetwalls – 2024 offers exciting possibilities for elevating your bathroom! 


Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are a top trend in 2024. Imagine getting ready with soft light gently emanating from behind the mirror. These not only look stylish but also come with anti-fog properties, ensuring clarity even during steamy showers. The combination of functionality and design makes them a must-have for modern bathrooms. 

Smart features are elevating backlit mirrors. You can control them with a simple touch or swipe. Choose from a variety of frames: framed mirrors with sleek metal edges for a contemporary look or frameless mirrors that exude elegance. For a luxurious touch, opt for a large, rectangular mirror spanning an entire wall. It’s an opulent choice that transforms your bathroom. 

In summary, backlit mirrors combine practicality, style, and innovation. Upgrade your bathroom mirror to embrace these 2024 trends and enhance your daily routine!


Tile Trends - Geometric Patterns, Textures, Metro Subway and Large Format

Large format tiles (think anything 800×800 or above) are a big trend for bathroom interiors in 2024. Producing a crisp and uniform finish, large-format tiles require less grout. With fewer grout lines, the bathroom can appear bigger and give a sleek, modern feel and is very handy for easy cleaning.

Surface drenching is also a big trend for 2024, where the same tile is used for walls and floors, and large format tiles lend themselves to this.

Herringbone patterns are becoming very popular in bathrooms. There’s also a move towards creatively shaped tiles like hexagon, diamond, or Moroccan fish scales that could be used not just on floors but also as backsplashes or shower walls.


As we continue to bring wellness into our lives and homes, bathrooms are merging with spa style and creating the newly coined ‘spathroom’. A luxurious and pampering experience is sought-after to level up your daily ablutions. Covering all the senses is key, like smooth textured marble tiling, layered scents, minimising clutter and built-in speakers for surround sound. 

Bathroom design should be all about tailoring the space to meet the specific needs of your household and lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that trends don’t have a place — they are a great way to garner inspiration and gather up some ideas you perhaps hadn’t considered before. 

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for your own bathroom project in 2024 – but remember, the best way to incorporate some of these tips and advice is to talk to a bathroom expert. We’ve been doing this for almost 19 years, day in day out. We attend the trade shows, we follow all the leading designers and bathroom architects every move, we are visited every week by the industry experts educating us on what’s hot and what’s not. It’s our job to know this stuff and we’d be delighted to pass our knowledge on to you.  

Pay us a visit at the showroom and we’ll talk you through the possibilities to make your dream bathroom a reality.